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DMJX students selected for Nikon Noor Academy

Five DMJX students have been selected from more than 360 applications to participate in the Nikon Noor Academy, which is workshops run by Noor photographers in Italy, Hungary and Switzerland.


The selected students, who will participate in either the workshops in Italy and Switzerland, are:



Giulia Frigieri - graduated Photo I in the spring 2017.



Charlotte Hooij - graduated Photo I in the fall 2016.

Kristina Steiner - graduated Photo I in the spring 2017 and Photo II in the fall 2017.

Lukas Kreibig - graduated Photo I in the spring 2017 and Photo II in the fall 2017.

Nadia Horsted-Narejo - graduated the diploma course "Documentary Photography Project" in 2017.

Seven DMJX students at Eddie Adams Workshop

Seven DMJX students have been enjoying a busy and inspiring weekend at the 31st Eddie Adams Workshop this weekend.


DMJX students at Eddie Adams Workshop.
Back from left to right: Eve Edelheit (volunteer and producer at the workshop), Liz Moughon, Allison Hess, Lukas Kreibig, Mathias Svold and Evgeny Makarov.
Front: Anders Rye Skjoldjensen and Charlotte de la Fuente.


100 talented, young photographers from all over the world are selected to participate in the tuition free Eddie Adams Workshop, where professional photographers and editors run a four-day gathering that includes assignments, portfolio reviews, panel discussions and presentations.

Hashem Shakeri in Courrier international

Hashem Shakeri's story about the climate change in the south-east of Iran is published over five pages in the French magazine Courrier International.


The opening page of Hashem Shakeri's story in Courrier International.


Hashem made the story in the spring 2018 as his final project, while he was studying at our Photo I programme.


One page of the five pages story made by Hashem Shakeri
and published in the French magazine Courrier International.



Arko Datto back in Aarhus

Arko Datto studied one year at our photojournalism programs back in 2013. Today, Arko was back in Aarhus to give a talk for our final year students and Sunday, he will give a talk at present Photobook Week Aarhus.


Arko Datto gave a talk for our final yera students today.
Photo: Søren Pagter


Arko Datto, member of Noor Images,  showed and talked about his book "Will My Mannequin be back when I Return" - the first one in a triology.


He explained the students about the background for his projects and his choice of different colour palettes for various stories. Arko Datto works on several projects all the time.


Another of Arko Datto's projects and books "Pik Nik" will be exhibited at Galleri Image next year, where Arko will return to Aarhus and we can already now promise that he will teach at DMJX at that time.


Arko Datto showed a video with images from his coming book,
which is the second one in a triology.

Photo: Søren Pagter


Working on the International Master program

Our colleagues from Mittuniversitet in Sundsvall visited DMJX this Tuesday till Thursday for the very first meeting, where we began to draw the lines for our new international master in photojournalism.


Per Mattsson, Mads Greve and Terje Lindblom working on the plan for the new master education. Photo: Søren Pagter.


The master is a co-operation between Oslomet, Mittuniversitet in Sundsvall and DMJX. This fall and the coming spring we'll work on the structure and content of the education.


We plan the application to start early 2020 and the education to begin in the fall 2020.


We'll keep you posted.


Per Mattsson, Søren Pagter and Mads Greve working on the plan for the new master education. Photo: Terje Lindblom.

DMJX students exhibit in Monschau, Germany

Sarah Nørgaard, Stine Tidsvilde, Victoria Mørck Madsen, Benjamin Nørskov, Peter-Emil Witt and Ivan Riordan Boll are right now a part of the exhibition "European Youth" at KuK Monschau, Germany.


The opening of "European Youth". Photo: Daniel Chatard.


The exhibition is the result of a student workshop arranged by teachers from the photography schools Hochschule Hannover, Speos School of Photography and DMJX.


The students from the three schools have met both in Paris and Aarhus - and have all worked on the mutual topic "Youth i Europe".


"European Youth" is open untill the 21st of October at KuK Monschau.

Heba Khamis selected for the 6x6 Global Talent Program

Today, the World Press Photo announced the six photographers, who have been selected for the 6x6 Global Talent Program from Africa.


Former DMJX-student Heba Khamis has been selected - partly based on her final project "Banned Beauty" about breast ironing in Cameroun. Heba Khamis made "Banned Beauty" as her final diploma project at DMJX in the fall 2016.


Søren Pagter, who is one of the nominators for the 6x& Global Talent Program, had nominated Heba Khamis and two other candidates. Another one of Søren Pagter's nominees, Rahima Gambo from Nigeria, was also selcted for the program.


The World Press Photo are now asking for nominations of photographers from North and Central America.

Gary Knight at DMJX

Gary Knight from VII Photo Agency visited DMJX for a couple of days this week. Gary Knight is one of the two directors of the VII Foundation and he visited our school to talk about and get inspiration for a coming VII Academy - a school for documentary photography run by the VII Foundation.


Gary Knight together with our third term students after his talk Wednesday this week. Photo: Søren Pagter.


During his visit, Gary Knight gave an inspiring talk to our third term students to prepare them for their coming reportage assignment.


As a result of the visit DMJX Photojournalism received funding from VII Foundation to support two future students from the Majority World. Read more about these amazing grants here.

DMJX announces two scholarships for international students

 We’re are extremely happy and thankful to announce that the VII Foundation has decided to fund grants for two international students coming from the Majority World to study at DMJX in the spring 2019.


The one grant will be named The Alexandra Boulat Grant in remembrance of the late, prize winning French photographer, who was a member and co-founder of VII Photo Agency. This grant will be given to a female photographer coming from the Majority World to study at our Photo I program in the spring 2019.


The other grant will be named The Shahidul Alam Grant in honour of the great importance Shahidul Alam has for the development of independent photojournalism in the World. This grant will be given to a young, talented photographer from the Majority World to study at our Photo I program in the spring 2019.


Both grants include accommodation, tuition fee and some pocket money.


The Majority World is defined as Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Caucasus.


We encourage photographers to apply for these grants before Monday the 1st of October, since we will be selecting the recipients already next week.


Application site.

World Press lectures for DMJX-students

Inspiring lectures by two winners at World Press Photo 2018, an exclusive tour of the World Press Photo exhibition and a touching opening speech by a former DMJX-student. Thursday, 25 Danish and international DMJX-students went to Copenhagen for a full day of World Press Photo lectures at Politiken arranged by Canon and DMJX.


World Press Photo winner, Patrick Brown from Australia, lectured for a group of 25 DMJX students, yesterday. Photo: Søren Pagter.


First, the 25 students from our Photo I and third terms classes met with World Press winner Patrick Brown for a two hour lecture.


During the very honest lecture Patrich Brown showed the work and the raw files, which lead to his prize winning image of the bodies of Rohingya refugees, who were laid out after the boat in which they fleed Myanmar capsized.


Patrick Brown showed a large part of his work and stories on the Rohingya crisis and shared a lot of valuable advices with the students, for instance the importance of the right assistants and of accurate reporting.


Patrick Brown during his lecture at Politiken, yesterday.

Photo: Søren Pagter


World Press Photo winner, Magnus Wennman from Sweden, was invited by Canon, Denmark to lecture for the DMJX-students. Photo: Søren Pagter.


After lunch, the students met with the Swedish photographer, Magnus Wennman, who is a staff photographer at the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.


Magnus Wennman talked both about his daily work at the newspaper and about his long term projects - and about how to balance the life as a father with the job as a photographer.


While showing his project "Where the Children Sleep", Magnus Wennman explained about the ethics when you're photographing children both abroad and at home.


Yi Wen Hsia from World Press Photo gave an interesting, exclusive tour of the World Press Photo exhibition before the official opening. Photo: Søren Pagter.


Before the official opening of the World Press Photo exhibition in Denmark, Yi Wen Hsia from World Press Photo gave a tour around the exhibition.


Yi Wen Hsia talked about the selection process and shared a lot of interesting stories behind the images.


DMJX-student, Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle caugt in the exhibition light, while listening to the talk by Yi Wen Hsia from World Press Photo. Photo: Søren Pagter.


The day ended with the official opening of the World Press Photo exhibition in Denmark, where former DMJX-student, Heba Khamis gade a touching opening speech, which made everybody listen silently. Heba Khamis talked, among others thing, about the importance of photojournalism to build a bridge between cultures.


Heba Khamis gave the opening speech at the World Press Photo exhibition at Politiken. Photo: Søren Pagter.


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