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Capucine Chandon and Nick Pfosi win at POY

Capucine Chandon and Nick Pfosi have won Award of Excellence in the Multimedia Feature Story category at the POYi.


Screen shot from the prize winning video documentary "Take me as I am" by Capucine Chandon and Nick Pfosi. Click the image to watch the story.


Capucine and Nick win with the video documentary Take me as I am made during the Photo I programme in the spring 2017.


Take me as I am is the story about CJ who has left his home in Kentucky and now tries to build a new life in Denmark. But finding love and acceptance isn’t always easy when your own family rejected you for who you are.


International students Capucine Chandon from France and Nick Pfosi from US are back at DMJX this spring and are right now studying at our Photo II programme.


Our video documentary workshops are made in close co-operation with Henrik Kastenskov and Poul Madsen from Bombay Flying Club.


Screen shot from the prize winning video documentary "Take me as I am" by Capucine Chandon and Nick Pfosi. Click the image to watch the story.

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Two DMJX students selected for the Lumix Festival

The 60 still pictures stories to be exhibited at this year's Lumix Festival were announced yesterday.


Picture from Ulrik Hasemann's project "Coastland",

which will be exhibited at this year's Lumix Festival.


Two DMJX students were selected among the 1000 stories, which were submitted for the festival:


- Ulrik Hasemann will be showing "Coastland" - his final BA project, which he made together with Mathias Svold in the spring 2017. Ulrik Hasemann graduated from DMJX in June 2017.


- International student Hashem Shakeri will be showing "Iran - Multi Piece Identity". A project made in Hashem's home country Iran and part of the port folio, which admitted him to our Photo I programme where he studies right now.


Two other Danish photographers and former DMJX-students have also been selected for the Lumix Festival:

Lærke Posselt will exhibit "The Queer Proejct" and Marie Hald will exhibit her project "The Grils from Malawa".


The multimedia stories, which will be screened at the festival, will be announced soon.


The Lumix Festival runs from the 20th till 24th of June in Hannover.

Kristina Steiner in The Guardian

Kristina Steiner's Diploma Project Sanguma about sorcery attacks in Papua New Guinea's highlands is published in The Guardian right now.


Victim JS at a shelter house operated by Voice for Change, a human rights organisation in Minj, Jiwaka province. Photo: Kristina Steiner.


Kristina made the project as her final exam project during Photo II in the fall 2017.

Heba Khamis nominated for World Press Photo

Heba Khamis (Egypt) is nominated for her story Banned Beauty at this year's World Press Photo competition. She's nominated in the category Contemporary Issuses, stories.


A portrait from Heba Khamis' prize winning story "Banned Beauty". Photo: Heba Khamis.


4548 photographers submitted 73044 pictures for the contest. Out of these 42 photographers from 22 countries are nominated. The winners will be announced at the World Press Photo Festival in Amsterdam on the 13. and 14. of April this year.


Heba Khamis did the story Banned Beauty as her final Diploma Project at DMJX during her Photo II study in the fall 2016.


Banned Beauty has already been widely acknowledged - recently the story was published in Wordt Vervolgd, February issue, in Netherlands and it received an honorable mention from Social Documentary Network, "Through a Women's Lens" contest.


The project was also a part of our anniversary exhibition at the Copenhagen Photo Festival, June last year.


It's only the second time a DMJX student project is nominated for World Press Photo. First time was in 2013, where Marie Hald won  2nd place in the category Observed Portraits.

Rebecka Uhlin back at DMJX to give welcoming lecture

Rebecka Uhlin, Photo II student from fall 2014, was back at DMJX to give the welcoming lecture for all photojournalist students.


Rebecka Uhlin in the auditorium at DMJX today. Photo: Søren Pagter.


Rebecka talked about her long term personal project Aina and Tage - a story about her grand parents, which has just been exhibited and published as a book with the same title.


Rebecka also talked about her experience being a part the Joop Swart Masterclass organized by World Press Photo.

Ólafur Steiner Gestsson wins the Ritzau Scanpix prize

Ólafur Steiner Gestsson and his journalistic colleague, Frederik Tillitz, received the Ritzau Scanpix Prize for best photojournalistic BA project at the graduation ceremony today.


Søren Pagter reads the motivation for the Ritzau Scanpix prize, while Frederik Tillitz is listening. Photojournalist Ólafur Steiner Gestsson wasn't present at the graduation ceremony. Photo: Aleksander Klug.


The two students won the prize for their web documentary, Rusland in Europe, which is a webpage with six stories from Transnistria and Ukraine.


Photojournalist Anders Rye Skjoldjensen receives his diploma and a congratulation from head master Jens Otto Kjær Hansen. Photo: Aleksander Klug.


The eight photojournalists, who graduated today are


Petra Theibel Jacobsen

Melissa Kühn Hjerrild

Katrine Marie Kragh

David Leth Williams

Casper Holmenlund Christensen

Anders Rye Skjoldjensen

Rune Aarestrup Pedersen

Olafur Steiner Gestsson


Søren Pagter hugs and congratulates Katrine Marie Kragh at the graduation ceremony today. Photo: Aleksander Klug.


Marie Hald is Young Nordic Photographer of 2018

The Swedish museum for photography, Fotografiska, has selected Marie Hald as Young Nordic Photographer of the year 2018.


A picture from Marie Hald's 7th term project "Bonnie", which is a part of her winning collection of images. Photo: Marie Hald.


Marie Hald graduated from DMJX in the spring 2013 and part of her winning port folio consists of two stories, which she made during her study at DMJX; Bonnie and Magic City.


Marie Hald will receive a grant of 100,000 SEK and will have Swedish photographer Paul Hansen as mentor for a solo exhibition, which will open at Fotografiska on the 31st of May this year.


A picture from Marie Hald's final BA project "Magic City", which she made at DMJX in the spring 2013. Photo: Marie Hald.

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The winners of Årets Bild in Norway have been selected

Photographer and jury member Linda Bournane Engelberth celebrates the selection of the winner of "Årets Bild" in Norway. Photo: Martin Slottemo Lyngstad.


This weekend Søren Pagter has been a part of the jury at the Norwegian POY called "Årets Bild". After 10 hours work Saturday and 8 hours work Sunday the winners in the 14 still picture categories were finally selected by the four jury members.


The four jury members at work. From left: Søren Pagter, Linda Bournane Engelberth, Kim Nygård and Christina Ulriksen. Photo: Martin Slottemo Lyngstad.


The winners will be announced on the 9th of March in Oslo.


 A final group hug to celebrate the choices of winners. Photo: Martin Slottemo Lyngstad.


David Williams BA project in Information

Last week David Williams had his final exam and graduated as photojournalist. This week part of his and journalist Kristian Krüger's project about the Canadian oil industry was published in the daily Information.


Front page of Information with David Williams and Kristian Krüger's story.

Photo: David Williams.


David Williams and all the other students from this term will receive their diplomas at the graduation ceremony Thursday next week.

Half of the nominees for the Danish POY are from DMJX

The nominated photographers for this years’ Danish Picture of the Year were announced tonight.

Half of the total of 32 nominated photographers are students from DMJX.

15 of the nominated from DMJX are or have been photojournalist students in 2017 - and one is a student at our TV media education.

The 15 DMJX photojournalist nominees are:

- Anders Rye Skjoldjensen - 8th term - will graduate this January.
- Anne Bæk - 4th term - currently doing her internship at Berlingske
- Janus Engel Rasmussen  - graduated in June 2017
- Lasse Kofod - graduated in June 2017
- Laura Bisgaard Krogh - 3rd term - starting her internship at Jyllands-Posten
- Louise Herrche Serup - 4th term - currently doing her internship at Politiken
- Mads Claus Rasmussen - 4th term - currently interning at Ritzau Scanpix
- Marie Bentzon Sørensen - 3rd term - starting her internship at Børsen
- Mathias Svold Maagaard - graduated in June 2017
- Morten Lau-Nielsen - 4th term - currently doing his internship at Jyllands-Posten
- Nanna Navntoft - 6th term - just finished her internship at Politiken
- Olivia Loftlund - 3rd term - starting her internship at Ekstra Bladet
- Rune Aarestrup Pedersen - 8th term - will graduate this January
- Sille Baltser Veilmark - 6th term - just finished her internship at Information
- Stine Tidsvilde - 6th term - just finished her internship at Ekstra Bladet

And finally TV media journalist Emilie Thejll-Madsen, who is currently interning at Politiken, has also been nominated.

The full list of the nominees can be seen at the website of the Danish Press photographers’ association.

The winners will be announced at the award ceremony at The National Library on the 2nd of March this year.

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