Closets full of Dreams in the French magazine Causette

Roger Anis‘ project “Closets full of Dreams” is published in the french magazine Causette. Roger Anis made the project as his final diploma exam at DMJX in 2015. Since then the project has been published and exhibited various places, for instance at the Delhi Photo Festival in 2015. »

Official book release of The Essential Photography

Søren Pagter’s book “The Essential Photography” was officially released at a reception at DMJX, yesterday. “The Essential Photography” is published in both a Danish and English version and in the beginning of 2019 the book will be launcehd in a Russian version, too. »

New website design

Almost 9 years ago, in February 2010, we launched our first website in order to inform about the photojournalism activities at DMJX. Back then we had to make everything from scratch. There were no templates that could create a website for you. Former student and photojournalist Sofus Comer developed the »

Mikkel Hørlyck has won first prize at Vilnius Photo Circle 2018

  Mikkel Hørlyck received first prize for his project “The Neglected” in the Homework category at the 12th International Festival of Photojournalism Vilnius Photo Circle, when the festival was held in Lithuania this weekend. “The Neglected” was made while Mikkel was studying at his third term at DMJX in the fall »

Photo I magazine online

Last week, our nine international Photo I students launched their magazine “Avalanche” at a reception at the school. The magazine is now available online here on our webpage. Click on Showcases to read and watch the work by Marco Carmignan (Italy) Patrick Riley (Australia) Henrik Røyne (Norway) Elke Numeyer (Australia) »

Søren Pagter at Cairo Photo Week

Cairo Photo Week opens tonight downtown Cairo, Egypt. The brand new festival, which is arranged by Photopia, runs from the 22. till the 30. of November. The festival focusses on all kinds of photography and will have workshops, lectures, exhibitions, portfolio reviews etc. Søren Pagter will be at part of »

Søren Pagter releases book on photography

Søren Pagter released his textbook “The Essential Image” today. “The Essential Image” is 14×20 cm and consists of 230 pages divided into 12 chapters. The chapters are: 1. The essential image. 2. Photographs are impressions of the world. 3. The photojournalist as storyteller. 4. Your toolbox. 5. The visual tool »

Meinrad Schade at DMJX

Meinrad Schade visited DMJX today, when he was passing through Aarhus on his way to his wife’s PhD defence at Aalborg Univerisity. During his lecture Meinrad Schade showed and talked about his two long-term projects “War Without War” and “Unresolved”. »

Hashem Shakeri at Paris Photo

Part of Hashem Shakeri’s project “An Elegy for the Death of Hamun” is exhibited at the Silk Road Gallery, Grand Palais, at Paris Photo this weekend. Hashem made the project as his final Photo Story during Photo I in the spring 2018. »

Third term students open exhibition Friday the 9th of November

Our third terms students are right now making the final adjustments on their photo documentary exhibition, which will open tomorrow, Friday the 9th, at 2pm in the front hall at DMJX. The 13 students have over a working period of three weeks in the field made individual photo stories including »

Four DMJX prizes in the Multimedia Division at CPOY

The Multimedia Categories at College Photographer of the Year were judged over the weekend and there were DMJX winners in all four categories. Group Story or Essay – Standalone Laura Bisgaard Krogh, Olivia Loftlund and Marie Bentzon won Gold for their video documentary “A + C”. The three students made »

Eight DMJX-students win nine prizes at CPOY

The still picture division at College Photographer of the Year was judged during the past week at University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. Eight different DMJX-students won nine different prizes: Interpretive Project Nanna Navntoft won Silver for her project about extreme eating habits. Nanna made the project during her internship at »

Eman Helal’s Diploma Project published in Kristeligt Dagblad

Eman Helal‘s final Diploma Project made this spring is published both online and on print in the Danish Newspaper, Kristeligt Dagblad. Eman’s story is a series of portraits and interviews, which tell about what it’s mean to be an American Muslim in the Trump era. Eman Helal has met some »

Hashem Shakeri selected for LensCulture’s emerging talent

Hashem Shakeri is among the 50 photographers, who has been selected for LensCulture’s Emerging Talent Awards 2018. Hashem has been chosen based on his final Photo Story, “An Elegy for the Death of Hamun“, made during Photo I in the spring 2018. Hundreds of photographers from more than 150 countries »

Nine third term students exhibit at Dokk1

Nine third terms students have been a part of a portrait project arranged by photojournalist Liv Høybye from Aarhus Municipality and are now exhibiting their portaits together with Liv Høybe at Dokk1 Liv Høybye has worked with life stories, where she portrays and interviews old citizens to re-tell their stories. »

DMJX students selected for Nikon Noor Academy

Five DMJX students have been selected from more than 360 applications to participate in the Nikon Noor Academy, which is workshops run by Noor photographers in Italy, Hungary and Switzerland. The selected students, who will participate in either the workshops in Italy and Switzerland, are: Italy Giulia Frigieri – graduated »

Seven DMJX students at Eddie Adams Workshop

Seven DMJX students have been enjoying a busy and inspiring weekend at the 31st Eddie Adams Workshop this weekend. DMJX students at Eddie Adams Workshop. Back from left to right: Eve Edelheit (volunteer and producer at the workshop), Liz Moughon, Allison Hess, Lukas Kreibig, Mathias Svold and Evgeny Makarov. Front: »

Hashem Shakeri in Courrier international

Hashem Shakeri’s story about the climate change in the south-east of Iran is published over five pages in the French magazine Courrier International. Hashem made the story in the spring 2018 as his final project, while he was studying at our Photo I programme. One page of the five pages »