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Anders Rye & Rune Aarestrup have won the Kravling Prize

This Saturday the winners of Kravling Prize were announced at Bremen Theater in Copenhagen. The Kravling Prizes are given annually to the best productions made by media and journalism students. The prizes are divided into four categories:

- Journalism

- Design

- Communication

- TV/photojournalism


Rune Aarestrup Pedersen with the Kravling Prize after the award ceremony Saturday evening. Photo: Joachim Adrian.


 Anders Rye Skjoldjensen & Rune Aarestrup Pedersen won in the TV/photojournalism category for their final BA project "What remains" about the wild fires in California.


The TV/photojournalism jury were Sofia Busk, Thomas Borberg, Martin Lehmann and Joachim Adrian. They called the project "so coherent and well made that it inspires and points forward for the whole media business".


The other three nominees in this category were also DMJX photojournalism students:

- Laura Kroigh, Olivia Loftlund & Marie Bentzon for the video documentary "A+C"

- Anne Bæk & Morten Lau-Nielsen for the video documentary "The Letter".

- Casper Holmenlund Christensen for his project "Climate Warrior".

Sina Niemeyer's book "Für Mich" will be published by Ceiba

Sina Niemeyer's Visual Project "Für Mich", made during Photo II in the fall 2016, will be launched as a book at the Kassel Fotobook Festival, which runs from the 31st of May till the 3rd of June.


Front cover of Sine Niemeyer's book "Für Mich". Photo: Ceiba.


"Für Mich" is published by Ceiba and can be pre-ordered here. Ceiba has also published an interview with Sina Niemeyer about the making of the project.


Spread from Sine Niemeyer's book "Für Mich". Photo: Ceiba.

In March and April, "Für Mich" was exhibited at Perugia Social Photo Fest, where Sina was awarded first prize in the category therapeutic photography.


Sina Niemeyer's exhibition at Perugia Photo Fest. Photo: Perugia Photo Fest


Last month Sina Niemeyer's project was shown at Odesa Photo Days and next month the PH Museum will publish an interview with her.

Mads Greve exhibits at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival
Yesterday evening, Mads Greve and Lærke Posselt opened an exhibition at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival in Georgia. 

Mads Greve and Lærke Posselt's exhibtion "Nowhere Near" at Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival in Georgia.

The exhibition "Nowhere Near" is a combination of Lærke’s dark winter landscapes and Mads’ photos of encounters and search for intimacy. " Nowhere Near" is the first time they collaborate. 

Kolga Tbilisi Photo Festival shows 18 exhibitions among them Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jan Grarup and Vanessa Winship.

Mads Greve and Lærke Posselt at their exhibition together with project manager Nino-Ana Samkharadze.
Handmade book from our second term students

Our second term students have finished their magazine workshop today with a launch of their book Ama'r.


The 16 students have been doing stories from the island Amager, outside Copenhagen. The 15 individual stories are combined in a book, where the students have created unique handmade covers for each of the almost 100 printed books.


The books are hanging to dry in the classroom. Photo: Søren Pagter


The book is also available online by clicking the icon below.

The 16 students behind the book are:
Sophie Voisin
Mads Frost
Simon Trøjgaard Jepsen
Christian Lykking
Kasper Heden Andersen
Julie Kristensen
Aleksander Klug
Christian Nordholt
Katinka Klinge Albrechtsen
Tobias Kobborg
Anne Myrup
Fredrik Steen Nordhagen
Sarah Juncker
Oscar Scott Carl
Niels Christan Vilmann
Andreas Merrald


The teachers at the workshop have been:
Mathilde Bech (photojournalism)
Hanne Mølby Henriksen (written journalism)
Lars Bai (layout)

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Peter Klint's BA project in Ud & Se magazine

In January 2017, Peter Klint graudated with a very special BA-project. Peter Klint made a narrative story, where he through thorough interviews and portraits retold episodes from the life of his childhood friend, who suffers from more psykiatric diseases. The BA-project was just as much a written essay as it was a photojournalistic story.


The opening spread in Ud & Se with Peter Klint's BA-project. Photo: Søren Pagter.


Peter Klint co-operated with his friend on telling the difficult story and they continued to work on it after Peter graduated.
Now, the story and pictures are published in the Danish magazine Ud og Se, which is available for free in Danish trains and at Danish railway stations. The magazine can also be read online, where the story is available at page 52.


The story and another selection of images can also be seen on Peter's personal website, where the text is translated into English.


Peter Klint's BA-project in the recent edition of the train magazine Ud & Se. Photo: Søren Pagter.

Søren Pagter in the Lumix Festival jury

This Friday, the jury for the 6th Lumix Festival met at the FREELENS Gallery in Hamburg to select the winners among the 60 still pictures stories, which will be exhibited at the festival in Hannover in June.


The jury for the Lumix Festival in a discussion during their meeting in Hamburg this Friday. Photo: Christian Platz


Before the jury meeting the eight jury members had had access to the stories and texts online. At the meeting all the 60 stories were available on print for the jury to see and discuss.


The jury should decide on the following winners:

- The LUMIX Festival Award, worth 10,000 Euro. For this award there will also be some runner-up stories, which will receive a prize.

- Lammerhuber Photography Award, worth 5,000 Euro - for best daily life story.

- Sustainability Award, worth 1,000 euro - for a story, which covers nature and environmental issues.


The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Saturday the 23rd of June at the Lumix Festival


The jury member are:

Barbara Stauss, Mare
Ruth Eichhorn, Independent editor/curator
Bertram Solcher, Medizinphoto
Christian Pohlert, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Peter Bitzer, Laif Agentur
Lois Lammerhuber, photographer and publisher
Andreas Trampe, Stern
and Søren Pagter, DMJX.


Julia Lindemalm has published the book Zoo World

Front cover of Julia Lindemalm's newly published book - Zoo World.


Back in 2011 Julia Lindemalm studied at Photo II at DMJX and her final Diploma Project was a project about how we treat animals at zoos.


Julia Lindemalm has continued her project and visited zoos all over the world. She has spent her holidays and savings on investigating how the animals behave in zoos and how we watch the controlled nature.


Now, nine years after her graduation Julia Lindemalm has published a book with both images, text and personal notes.



More of Ólafur Steiner Gestsson's BA project in Information

A part of Ólafur Steiner Gestsson and journalist Frederik Tillitz' BA project has been published in the daily Information on the 21st of April.



For their BA, Ólafur Steiner Gestsson and Frederik Tillitz made a website with a series of stories from East Ukraine and Transnistria.

Information published one of the stories about the town Mariupol in March and now the newspaper has published another of the two students' stories from the Zaitzeve frontline, where the Ukranian forces fight against Russian seperatists, while the civilians are held hostages in the conflict.


Patricia Kühfuss has won second prize at World Photography

Patricia Kühfuss won second prize in the professional competition in the category "Creative" at the Sony World Photography, which were announced at the award ceremony in London, yesterday.


One of the ten images in Patricia Kühfuss' prize winning series
visualizing the hand signs used to hail taxis in Johannesburg.


Patricia won with a series of images called "How to get Home - South Africa's 12th Language". The series shows how unique hand signs are used in Johannesburg to hail a taxi going in the right direction.


The series of images were a part of Patricia Kühfuss' final Diploma Project - a cultural magazine about Johannesburg made in the spring 2017.

Snapshots from World Press Photo Festival

This weekend the World Press Photo award ceremony and festvial was held in Amsterdam. Here are a few visual snapshots from the days, when Heba Khamis celebrated her first prize in the category for contemporary Issues, stories.


Heba Khamis in front of her prize winning story at the opening
of the World Press Photo exhibition at Nieuwe Kirk in Amsterdam.
Photo: Søren Pagter


Photographers try to get a good group picture of the prize winning photographers.
Photo: Søren Pagter


The prize winning photographers gathered for group picture.
You can find Heba Khamis and former student Nicolai Linares among them.
Photo: Søren Pagter


Heba Khamis signs a World Press Photo catalogue
on the opening of the exhibition Friday evening.

Photo: Søren Pagter

Each exhibiting photographer received
two personalized copies of this year's catalogue.

Photo: Søren Pagter


Heba Khamis presented her story and pictures Saturday at the festival.
Photo: Thomas Borberg.

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