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Three DMJX students nominated for the World Report Award


The 8th World Report Award by the Festival of Ethical Photography has announced the shortlist for this year's prizes and three DMJX student projects are shortlisted in several categories.


Picture from Ulrik Hasemann's story "Stuck At Belgrade Station", which is shortlisted for the Spotlight Award at the 8th World Report Award.

Two students are shortlisted for the Spotlight Award:

Ulrik Hasemann is shortlisted for his 8th term visual project "Stuck At Belgrade Station".

Lukas Kreibig is shortlisted for his final diploma project "Uummannaq – The Heart Of A Seal".


Picture from Lukas Kreibig's story "Uummannaq – The Heart Of A Seal", which is shortlisted three categories at the 8th World Report Award.


Lukas Kreibig is also shortlisted for the Master Award with the same project.


Picture from Mikkel Hørlyck's story "The Neglected", which is shortlisted for the Student Award at the 8th World Report Award.


Finally, three out of the ten finalists for the Student Award are from DMJX:

Mikkel Hørlyck for his third term project "The Neglected".

And once again both Ulrik Hasemann with "Stuck At Belgrade Station" and Lukas Kreibig with "Uummannaq – The Heart Of A Seal".


The finalists are chosen among 900 submissions from 50 different countries and five continents. The winners will be announced at the festival, which will be held in Lodi, Italy in October 2018.

Davis Winborne's picture in the magazine Journalisten

Davis Winborne's full page picture and the story behind it

published in the magazine Journalisten.


During the Photo I magazine workshop this spring, Davis Winborne made a story about the Danish weapon culture.


Coming from Missouri, America, Davis was curious to learn about how Danes use weapon and investigate the differences between Danish and American weapon culture.


The Danish magazine Journalisten have choosen one of the pictures from Davis' story as picture of the month, where they tell a short story about the photographer's thought behind the image.


You can read Davis' full story and the rest of the international students' stories in the magazine Panta Rhei by clicking the icon below.

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DMJX students exhibit at Photo Triennale Hamburg

This weekend the Triennale der Photographie started in Hamburg and together with HS Hannover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Magnum/SPEOS School of Photography, DMJX launched the exhibition "No Longer, Not Yet" made by 19 students from the three schools.


The container with the "No Longer, Not Yet" exhibition in front of Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. Photo: Jan Staiger.


"No Longer, Not Yet" is shown in a container in front of the famous Deichtorhallen, which is the center of the triennale. The exhibition can be seen until the 17th of June.


"No Longer, Not Yet" is the result of a co-operation between the three schools, where selected students from Germany, France and Denmark have worked on the topic "Youth in Europe".


Posters of some of the exhibited stories decorates the container. On the left "A mind in Pain" by Louise Herrche Serup. On the right “The Bouyant Days" by Morten Lau-Nielsen. Photo: Jan Staiger.


This first "Youth in Europe" workshop was held in the spring 2017 and the DMJX participants were Louise Herrche Serup, Anne Bæk, Vibeke Volder, Morten Lau-Nielsen, Mathias fredslund Hansen, Andreas Haubjerg and Mads Claus Rasmussen.


Inside the container exhibition. Photo: Jan Staiger.


This spring we've held the second "Youth in Europe" workshop, where the 7th term students have participated. The stories from this second workshop will be exhibited later.


The exhibited stories are presented in a mutual magazine. Photo: Jan Staiger.

Final screening day spring 2018

Almost 50 DMJX photojournalist stduents spent all Friday in the DMJX TV-auditorium for our traditional final screening day.


Photo I student Davis Winborne showing his project about the Trump Wall between USA and Mexico. Photo: Søren Pagter.


Students listening to one of the many presentations in the TV-auditorium today. Photo: Søren Pagter


Lunch break in sun at DMJX. Photo: Søren Pagter.

Weekend workshop at DMJX

While almost everybody in Denmark enjoyed the weekend and the summer sun, more than 20 students from Hannover, Paris and Aarhus gathered at DMJX in Aarhus this weekend for the final meeting at the mutual ”Youth in Europe” workshop.


The students worked in four different groups helping each other with the editing of their stories. Photo: Tobias Nicolai.


”Youth in Europe” is a joint workshop arranged by teachers from the photography schools, Hochschule Hannover, Speos School of Photography in Paris and DMJX in Aarhus.


The students met for the first time in Paris in April, where they developed ideas for stories within the topic ”Youth in Europe”. This weekend, they met again with their pictures and worked on editing the stories together with the teachers and Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol.


The plan is that all the stories will be exhibited together in the fall.


All the student had brought prints of their stories to make the editing process more dynamic. Photo: Tobias Nicolai.


Sarah Nørgaard, Bejnamin Nørskov, Stine Tidsvilde, Victoria Mørck Madsen, Peter-Emil Witt and Ivan Riordan Boll, all 7th term students, participated in this workshop.


It’s the second time the three schools run this mutual workshop. The pictures from the first workshop will be exhibited at the Photo Triennale in Hamburg this June.


The sun was shining outside but the students kept working inside both Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Photo: Tobias Nicolai.

Lukas Kreibig exhibits huge pictures from Greenland

Lukas Kreibig is exhibiting his project "Uummannaq - The Heart of a Seal" about a small town in Northwest Greenland at the Fotofestival Zingst in Germany.


Lukas Kreibig's huge exhibition prints at Fotofestival Zingst in Germany. Photo: Lukas Kreibig.


The festival runs till the 3rd of June, but Lukas' extremely large pictures will be exhibited in Zingst for the rest of the year.


"Uummannaq - The Heart of a Seal" will also be exhibited at the Triennale der Photographie in Hamburg in June and at Photokina in Cologne in September 2018.


Lukas Kreibig won the BFF Förderpreis 2018 with "Uummannaq - The Heart of a Seal", which he started as his final Diploma Project at DMJX in the fall 2017.

International joint Master in Photojournalism in Scandinavia

We're extremely proud and happy to announce that we have received funding from Nordplus, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers to develop and launch a new international master in photojournalism in 2020.


The new international master in photojournalism will build on top of the already existing BA and international programs, which are at the schools on Sundsvall, Oslo and Aarhus. In the picture an international group of students from Aarhus are working with their magazine projects. Photo: Fabian Fiechter.


The new master education will be shared between three renowned higher-level photojournalism educations in Oslo, Norway; Sundsvall, Sweden and Aarhus, Denmark.


To benefit from the institutions long experience of teaching photojournalism and to build a modern Master program, the syllabus will be shared between the institutions during the two-year of master courses, thus creating a unique educational experience for both Nordic and international students of the program.



The goal of the Master is to provide students the necessary professional abilities in order for them to develop new visual knowledge and language for the new media industry.


The joint Master will have both theoretical as well as professional courses so students will get the tools to reflect and understand the modern media industry, their roles as photojournalists as well as to further develop their visual projects.

Six photojournalist students go the Perpignan with Canon

Canon Europe has selected the students, who wil go on a free educational trip to Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan this coming September.


10 students from Denmark have been selected for the Canon Student Programme and out of these are six photojournalist students from DMJX.


The selected photojournalism students are:

Anne Bæk

Tahmineh Godazgar

Olivia Loftlund

Marie Bentzon Sørensen

Louise Herrche Serup

Peter Emil Witt

Andreas Haubjerg


The four other Danish students have been selected from other photography educations.

Greve and Pagter at Dok18 in Fredrikstad

This weekend Mads Greve and Søren Pagter have participated in the Dok18 Festival in Fredrikstad, Norway.


At the three days festival there were lectures with among others the photographers Sanne de Wilde, Jessica Dimmock, Zack Canepari and the filmmaker Erik Poppe.


Lars Dareberg (Sweden), Annemor Larsen (Norway) and Søren Pagter (Denmark), who have been jury members at the POY's in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, discussed the choices of winners and how it is to work in a jury. Photo: Melissa Kühn Hjerrild.


Søren Pagter was a part of a panel debate about the picture of the year in the three countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


A lot of DMJX-students had found their way to the festival, where they spent the weekend working as volunteers and participating in the lectures.


The Norwegian graduate students held an exhibition and book release, where they presented their final BA-stories. Each year the Norwegian students create a book with their final stories in.


Norwegian students sold their graduate book "New Era" at the Dok18 Festival. Photo: Søren Pagter.


A glimse into the "New Era" book made by the Norwegian graduate students. Photo: Søren Pagter.

Anders Rye & Rune Aarestrup have won the Kravling Prize

This Saturday the winners of Kravling Prize were announced at Bremen Theater in Copenhagen. The Kravling Prizes are given annually to the best productions made by media and journalism students. The prizes are divided into four categories:

- Journalism

- Design

- Communication

- TV/photojournalism


Rune Aarestrup Pedersen with the Kravling Prize after the award ceremony Saturday evening. Photo: Joachim Adrian.


 Anders Rye Skjoldjensen & Rune Aarestrup Pedersen won in the TV/photojournalism category for their final BA project "What remains" about the wild fires in California.


The TV/photojournalism jury were Sofia Busk, Thomas Borberg, Martin Lehmann and Joachim Adrian. They called the project "so coherent and well made that it inspires and points forward for the whole media business".


The other three nominees in this category were also DMJX photojournalism students:

- Laura Kroigh, Olivia Loftlund & Marie Bentzon for the video documentary "A+C"

- Anne Bæk & Morten Lau-Nielsen for the video documentary "The Letter".

- Casper Holmenlund Christensen for his project "Climate Warrior".

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